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Winter Break Social Skills Groups

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We are excited to offer our social skills group over winter break and look forward to your child joining us at our new office location (2441 W. Horizon Ridge Ridge Parkway, Henderson, NV 89052).  The sessions will include winter-themed activities focusing on: initiating and exchanging basic conversation, learning how to take the perspective of another person, engaging in appropriate play interactions, promoting imaginative play, and working together on collaborative activities.  


The four session series extends over a two week period and is scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays (12/26/17, 12/28/17, 1/02/18, 1/04/18) from 10-11 am.  The rate is $70 per drop-in session or a discounted rate of $60 is offered if the series is paid in full ($240).  A deposit of $60 is required by December 18, 2017 to secure a spot for your child.  Acceptable forms of payment are checks (addressed to Talk of the Town) or cash, and a receipt will be provided to you at the time when payment is received.  Deposits can be mailed to the following:  Talk of the Town, 2441 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, Henderson, NV 89052.  


Participation Policy

The goal of this program is to facilitate social interaction and understanding of social lessons. Please note that children who participate in this group must be able to demonstrate behavior conducive to functional participation without distractions to the goals of the group. If your child struggles with these skills, it is important for his/her benefit in overall learning that they first be addressed in a setting more appropriate to those skills/goals. We are happy to assist you in finding referrals for other programs. 


To reserve a spot in our winter break social skills group, please copy and paste the information below and send it to the following email:


Parent/Guardian Name:

Contact Number:

Email Address:


Child’s Name:


What are your child’s strengths?

What are your child’s interests (eg, favorite toys, activities, topics)?

What areas would you like to see improvement in?

Are there specific social skills that your child struggles with?

Does your child have specific behaviors that impact with social skills?

Does your child have any repetitive behaviors or perseverative topics he/she fixates on?

Does your child have difficulty following group rules and participating in structured activities?

Is there anything else you would like us to know about your child or family?


Also, it would be helpful for us to have a copy of any recent evaluations or educational plans (IEP) to better assist your child.  We look forward to working with your child.  Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.  Thank you!

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CASANA Walk - Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech

We are proud to be a support of the CASANA organization!  Join our team or consider donating to the annual CASANA walk that takes place on October 7th, at 10 am.  This amazing organization has provided support and assistance to some of our children with a challenging speech disorder, apraxia of speech.  Contact us for more information or go directly to

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