Third Time's The Charm! When our daughter Jordyn turned 2, she was not at a speaking level we were comfortable with and our pediatrician suggested a speech therapy program that would benefit her needs. Finding a speech therapist proved to be more difficult than expected. Our insurance plan had providers with wait lists anywhere from nine months up to two years long. Jordyn's needs were put at the forefront and we did not want to delay her ability to speak so we decided to pay out of pocket for her therapy sessions.  

Jordyn attended two speech therapy centers and something was just "off". The first location was very repetitive with the therapy sessions and all that seemed to be addressed was the naming of body parts. Jordyn is very bright and knew all of her body parts at 18 months old so this seemed like we were going in circles. After a few months of her attending this therapy center, we felt the need to look elsewhere for services. The second location Jordyn attended was well structured but she would not open up to the therapist. Talk of the Town was the third speech therapy center we attended and Jordyn's needs were immediately addressed in the first couple of sessions with the owner, Melissa. Melissa has taken her time and has been very patient with Jordyn, as she is shy and reserved. We saw our daughter open up during her very first visit!

With each visit, we are invited to go into the session if we wish and a lesson plan is thought out ahead of time and ready for Jordyn. Her therapy sessions started off at 30 minutes a day, once a week. We are given detailed information on where Jordyn's strengths and weaknesses are and she receives homework for the week. Jordyn has progressed in less than a year with Melissa and is currently attending speech therapy on a need be basis. Friends and family are able to understand about 80% of what Jordyn is saying right now and we are seeing great improvements with her pronunciation of words. Jordyn seemed frustrated at the beginning of her speech therapy journey due to the fact that she was unable to express herself through communication. She is now confident (and very silly) with the things she is able to say and looks forward to attending therapy with Melissa.

My husband and I strongly attribute Jordyn's success to Melissa and we are extremely grateful for her patience, professionalism, and undivided attention at every speech therapy session.

-Delilah & Jose L.

Mrs. Melissa Montiel was referred by our orthodontist and we are very happy. She uses practical and age appropriate exercises that can be easily incorporated into my daughter's daily routines. She also tries her best to work around our busy work and school schedules. Mrs. Montiel has helped with my daughter by teaching her how to place tongue in correct position during swallowing and saying "s" and "t" sounds better. I highly recommend her.

-Maria and Natalie K

"I am so thankful that we have Melissa Montiel in our community. My 8 year old, Kylie, needed speech therapy to correct her "r" sound and a tongue thrust. I was worried that speech therapy would be time consuming, challenging and frustrating for Kylie. I don't think I have ever been more wrong about anything!  

Kylie loves Melissa. She is a natural with children (and adults!), making them feel comfortable, relaxed and confident from the moment you see her smiling face. It is obvious from the moment you meet her that she hose her profession from her heart. 

She was able to teach Kylie proper tongue placement for her "r" sound in ONE session. Then it was up to me and Kylie to practice, practice, practice. Melissa gives her students the most fun activities to practice their sounds. Every week it's something different- a game, a fun worksheet, an app to play on the iPad... Our whole family still enjoys playing all her games!!

Once I began mentioning to friends that Kylie had started speech therapy with Melissa, the flood of compliments starting pouring in. Friends that had taken their kids to her, teachers and school speech therapists all had glowing reports and agreed that she is the BEST. Her breadth and depth of knowledge in her field is amazing! We are so lucky to have Melissa as a resource for our most precious little people."


When I noticed my Kindergarten son having issues pronouncing certain sounds, a friend recommended I contact Ms. Montiel from Talk of the Town Therapy.  She worked weekly for a couple of months with my son and in that short time he made significant progress. He loved working with Ms. Montiel, especially playing the speech games she set up for him. The best part was his confidence grew so much that now he feels the need to correct his younger sister’s speech.

-        Michelle

Teri created a wonderful, loving atmosphere for my son, and a wonderful relationship that allowed him to feel comfortable. Because of that, he got so much out of his sessions. I would recommend Teri to any parent needing speech therapy. 


I’d highly recommend Melissa and Talk of the Town to anyone who needs speech therapy. We were referred to Melissa by our pediatrician for my 8 year old daughter. She was struggling with her R’s. Melissa was able to work around our schedule and get my daughter in right away to be assessed. Then, we met weekly to work on improving her speech. Melissa is so kind, personable, and professional. She gave us endless tools to work with and had my daughter smiling the entire time (Seriously! She frequently said her face hurt from smiling so much after speech!). Melissa always had games and fun activities ready and even helped with school assignments that required my daughter to speak aloud. We saw improvement quickly and I think it was because speech was such a positive experience for her.  As much as we loved the experience, we were happy with how quickly my daughter graduated out of speech (but sad to say goodbye to Melissa!).